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Muckross House and Grounds, Killarney, County Kerry

Muckross House and now Muckross National Park was the first such park given back to the state by a foreign Landower in 1934. The Herbert family inherited the land from Mac Carty Mor in 1770.

The Herberts greatly improved the estate often at times coming in for criticism for such lavish spending. The main house was built in 1843 in the neo-Tudor style. Queen Victoria was entertained here with her extended entourage in 1861. An iron staircase built from the garden to a bedroom window, was specially designed for her, as she had an inveterate fear of fires.

The surrounding mountains provide for exceptional walks with a plethora of dramatic vistas. Torc mountain, which stands 1764 feet (Torc means Boar, from an enchanted Boar killed here by Fionn Mac Cumhail) allows for magnificent views over the immediate house and grounds directly below, and the advantage over miles of extraordinary scenery. The famous Torc waterfall can often be seen in full spate at the foot of the mountain.

William Wordsworth wrote of Carrantouhil (Ireland's highest mountain) 'as a mountain it is a much sublimer object than any we have.' And of the Lakes, 'and Killarney's three lakes with the navigable passage between the upper and lower, take the lead I think of any one of our lakes, perhaps of any one of our vales.'

Over these three wonderful lakes boat tours ferry families from the shore further into the park land, from whence they can marvel at the splendour of this natural haven.

Hidden within the grounds are ancient cobalt and copper mines which date back to 2000BC. These were reopened in 1750 and then again flooded in the 19th century.

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